I’m pretty sure that’s how it happened 

also look who earned their wings! spoiler: it was me 

((fourth image based off this

also ask box is re-opened))

ok but im really proud of this update??

New update for Filly Twi preview 


this is going to be a fun update 

art trade with DShou!

i really like your character ;v; 

sketchy skitch 

I have pictures of both gift cards and the sunglasses shirt! I just got home today so I'm unpacking but if you remind me later, just shoot it into my ask, I can totally take photos for you!

that’d be absolutely fantastic~

some of the things that I had designed for bronycon.

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it out this year so if anyone has any pictures of the signs/shirt/gift cards that i designed please show me, I’d love to see them! <3


Vivillon #666

 Vivillon with many different patterns are found all over the world. These patterns are affected by the climate of their habitat.

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